🚨BREKING! Tapswap Give Important Update!🚨

🚨BREKING! Tapswap Give Important Update!🚨

🚨BREKING! Tapswap Give Important Update!🚨

We've got some bad and really good news for you at the same time: our team has decided to move the date for the Shares-to-Token exchange event. You might wonder, what's good about that? Just FUD?  Not exactly. The whole point is that you'll actually benefit from this. Let us explain how:

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz around Tapswap, especially about listing on tier 1 exchanges, a massive drop, and more. And it’s no surprise: the project has become one of the major players globally, ranking in the top. This kind of attention attracts not just scammers but also leaders in the web3 industry....READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

So, not all rumors are just rumors. The Tapswap team is actually in active talks with tier 1 exchanges! And they are thrilled with you – our community! Isn't this what we've been tirelessly working towards together?

However, this success comes with some "inconveniences." This level of attention requires much more detailed work on tokenomics and the right launch strategy. And that means extra time. 

But know that this is all to ensure that our launch in Q3 is fair and, more importantly, profitable for all of you who stand by us no matter what. 

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be happy  about this change. And very soon, we’ll give you some even bigger news about our future, tier 1 partnerships, and the drop itself! 

We really value your support. And we truly listen to your feedback, so don't forget to share it in the comments on X. Together, we'll keep reaching higher and higher levels! 

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