Aqua Protocol: Explanation on AquaXP AirDrop

Aqua Protocol: Explanation on AquaXP AirDrop

Aqua Protocol: Explanation on AquaXP AirDrop

Aqua Protocol is not a game, a farming platform, or simply a collection of tasks with rewards. It is a protocol for a highly secured decentralized stablecoin. 

We aim to create a sustainable ecosystem and focus on long-term development.

Farming Objectives The main objectives of farming include:

Audience Attraction: 

Using farming to attract new users is a cost-effective method. Alternative user acquisition methods in crypto projects are significantly more expensive.

Identifying Potential Enthusiasts: We aim to identify users who can become active participants in the Web3 community.

Activity Rewards: Users receive drops for participating in activities, stimulating their interest.

Continued Education: After initial engagement, we plan to continue educating users to become active participants in the Aqua Protocol and users of AquaUSD.

Limited Budget for Drops
Our budget for drops is limited and structured within the project’s tokenomics. 

We cannot afford to distribute a large portion of the supply to all users, as NotCoin did. 

Aqua Protocol is not a meme coin but a serious financial instrument.....READ FULL ARTICLE HERE 

A Rational Approach to Rewards
Drops will be distributed among those who understand the technical aspects of the project, such as receiving TON into their wallet and performing transactions. 

A Rational Approach to Rewards
Drops will be distributed among those who understand the technical aspects of the project, such as receiving TON into their wallet and performing transactions. 

This ensures that rewards go to users who are genuinely interested and ready to become part of our community.

Issues with Bots and Cheaters
We did not anticipate such rapid growth, so we were unable to log all events in advance. 

This made it challenging to identify bots post-factum. However, we were able to identify cheaters and prevent their participation.

Rewards and Scoring System
Through the Nomis Protocol and scoring system, we can achieve the following:

Rewarding More Active Users. 

Users with a high Nomis score (40 or above) will receive more significant rewards due to a multiplier effect. 

This approach aims to incentivize and reward users who actively contribute to the Aqua Protocol ecosystem.

Rewarding Actual Efforts. 

Those who invest time and effort into tasks such as minting NFTs and executing blockchain transactions will receive corresponding rewards. 

Even if their Nomis score is below 40, they are eligible for rewards upon completing these tasks. It’s important to note that while transactions on TON require a specific amount of tokens, this aligns with the current operational requirements.


Why were the conditions changed without prior notice?

Nomis has recently been integrated into TON, marking us as among the first to utilize the free minting limit. This development represents a significant opportunity for us and the Aqua community. Adjustments were made to ensure the project’s fairness and sustainability. No further changes to these conditions are anticipated.

Why are TON coins required in the wallet for the airdrop?

As previously communicated, transactions necessitate TON in the wallet. These tokens cover network fees and are not retained by us. Unfortunately, blockchain networks impose fees. On alternative chains, users often need a minimum of $50 in their wallets just to qualify for an airdrop. Conversely, possessing at least 1 TON (or less for a transaction) is sufficient here.

I invited other people who are newbies and don’t have money in their wallets. How does mass adoption work for Telegram?

Unfortunately, transactions require fees. This can be seen as an incentive: a drop (carrot upfront) + the necessity to mint a scoring NFT (carrot at the back). Without minting, you won’t receive the drop. It’s the first step, and newcomers who complete it will become more advanced in Web3.

We’ve worked and promoted for you, and now you want to ditch us and not pay for the drop?

We appreciate your support. There are just a few steps left to get the drop: acquire some TON for your wallet and mint the score NOMIS.

I don’t want to link wallets to suspicious projects (Nomis or Aqua). I’m afraid to give third-party applications access to my wallet data. Perhaps I’ll use a separate wallet for each drop.

Nomis collaborates with major protocols beyond TON and is an official partner of the TON Foundation. Soon, everyone will need this score for rewards, and now there’s a chance to mint score for free, only paying for the transaction. Aqua Protocol has been building its product and community on TON for a year. If you’re still wary, mint score to a new TON wallet and claim your earnings (without the multiplier).

My score is low; there’s no point in minting it to show everyone. What should I expect then?

You can update your score later. Now you know your reputation matters and can be improved. Mint this score to claim your drop!

Why should I pay for transactions if the rewards might not cover it?

We can’t predict the future token price. These are your risks — either accept them or not. At Aqua Protocol, we strive for our investors to profit from token growth.

Sybils can mint score, but my grandma can’t.

Help your grandma mint score, and everything will be fine. If Sybils are active, that’s good. However, if they have many accounts, minting score can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for them.

I can’t change the address in Zealy; I provided a different one, not where my score is.

Zealy will handle this separately. Don’t worry; there’s no need to change anything.

There’s suspicion of profiting from a rapidly growing audience through backstage agreements with Nomis.

Nomis received grant support from the Ton Foundation for free minting of 1 million score. We offer you the opportunity to mint them for free until the hamsters or catizens arrive and the free limit ends. Aqua and Nomis don’t profit from this — it solely covers the transaction.

Referral links are used to additionally reward you with Nomis points and to confirm that you came from Aqua, not another community.

The Nomis service has been down for the second day in a row, making it impossible to mint score tokens.

Nomis did not anticipate such a surge in user activity. Initially, all mini-applications are encountering this issue, but everything will be fixed soon.

I purchased Aqua points using TON.
All addresses that purchased points using TON will be able to receive their points. To receive a multiplier, mint your score and connect a wallet with a good score! Maximize your returns, especially since you definitely have TON for the transaction fees.

We understand the community’s concern and want to emphasize that our goal is to create a stable and valuable ecosystem. We appreciate the understanding and support of all Aqua Protocol participants.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out. We are always ready to help and provide the necessary clarifications.

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