How To Apply for NMFB OBSL Loan Nirsal Bank without stress

How To Apply for NMFB OBSL Loan Nirsal Bank without stress

Good news!!! You can now apply for OBL loans online without stress! Log on to

How To Apply for NMFB OBSL Loan Nirsal Bank without stress

The Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) On-Adjusted Sheet Loaning (OBSL) office is a credit program, which was intended to help individuals who are in the business to develop their organizations. We'll show you how to use the NMFB OBSL loan facility in this section.

This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. To expand your business, you now have access to the Nirsal microfinance bank's OBSL Loan.

Loan Eligibility

The following categories of people can apply for the facility:

Owners of Small and Medium Enterprises with good financial track records,

Petty traders with verifiable businesses,

Individuals with verifiable sources of monthly income,

Individuals and business owners in need of household equipment and other consumer assets,

Individuals and businesses operating within the agricultural value chain,

Note: The OBL facilities are funded from depositors’ funds.

How To Apply for an NMFB OBSL loan

Anyone who has an interest in the OBSL Loan should apply by visiting or visiting the nearest NMFB branch and asking about this particular loan facility.

How OBSL works

Apply through NMFB Branch

The bank received your application

Various checks and analyses conducted

Applicants receive an offer letter for acceptance

Loan disbursed

For those that are complaining about applying but did not get any meaningful feedback, please note that the NMFB has clarified that successful completion of the application process does not guarantee access to loan. According to the bank, the disbursement of funds to successful applicants is only when their application is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The bank has also advised the public to be wary of scammers and their fake loan products. NMFB stated that many who are claiming to be from them are not. Customers should always visit the NMFB website to view available loan products or call 09010026900, and 09010026901 for more inquiries.


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