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NPC Census 2023: salary structure, Feeding Allowances, transportation allowances, and Training Allowances.

NATIONAL POPULATION COMMISSION:NPC Released The Ad-hoc Staff salary structure, Feeding Allowances, transportation allowances, and Training Allowances.

Before we discuss the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary, let's firstly give a quick update on the current happenings in the NPC 2022 Adhoc Staff Recruitment.

As part of the processes to ensure smooth conduct of the 2023 Census Exercise, over 2 million Adhoc Staff will be temporarily employed by the commission. Out of these Adhoc Staff to be recruited, only Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been Shortlisted.

The Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been on e-learning since December 2022. Some have taken the NPC Quiz and NPC Final Exam, while their Contact Training has been scheduled to take place between Monday 23rd January 2023 to Wednesday 25th January 2023, and Thursday 26th January to 4th February, 2023 respectively.

The National Population Commission, according to its schedule for the 2023 Nationwide Population and Housing Census Exercise, has announced that the shortlisting of Enumerators and Supervisors will take place between 16th January, 2023 and 31st January, 2023.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for an Enumerator is N100,000 - N220,000

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Supervisor is N130,000 - N230,000

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Monitoring & Evaluation Officers is N150,000 - N300,000

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for Facilitators is N150,000 - N300,000

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Field Coordinator is N140,000 - N280,000

👉NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers is N130,000 - N280,000


This is for information of all that remunerations for the SWF and State training will be as follows; 

1. Feeding allowance  

 a. SWF - N2,000 per day x 13 days (3 days of SWF and 10 days of State training, however, states that did not observe first 3days are exempted) Total - N26,000

  b. State facilitators - N2,000 per person per day x 10 days 

Total - N20,000

2. Transport allowance - N20,000 per person

3. Training allowance 

      Trainer - N15,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (State facilitator)

    Trainee - N10,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (State facilitator)

4. Payment will be made twice for all categories as follows ; 

 * Transport and feeding - N46,000 (SWF) N40,000 (State facilitators)

 * Training allowance - Trainer (SWF) N195,000 Trainee -N130,000 . State trainer - N150, 000 , trainee - 100,000

NB : Confirmed list of attendance are to be approved on the HQ portal by the close of training on 29th January 2023 for payment .

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  1. The first set of state training that concluded the training since 8th February 2023 are yet to receive our allowance

  2. You are writing based on past and inaccurate information. Today is exactly 20 days after the training and nobody has been paid a dime both trainees and trainers both from SWF and facilitators. Npc deposited our monies into fixed deposit and are waiting for interest on the money. Or probably hoping for crisis to erupt during or after elections so they can make away with people’s money. Most people borrowed money to attend the training and yet not even the feeding or transportation allowance was paid during nor after the training to date. But we keep blaming the politicians for the woes of the country not knowing that we are more wicked than them

  3. The training ended on the 5th February and for some states 6ths or so and up to now, no explanations no apology for holding unto people’s money. Wicked generation

  4. Even though most of us that did trial census both field and training allowance are yet to be paid, that's why I don't register for this main census. Almost 150k is the amount of money that NPC is owing me and we're more than 17 in class 21 not to talk of other classes and other states. NPC is a bigger scam in Nigeria.

  5. Wicked people ..Keep decieving people ..

  6. Masha Allah Allah ya tabbatar mana da Alkhairee

  7. For clarity and transparency, I believe it is the right thing to do. Making payments for such a large number of people requires thorough checking to avoid mistakes. I understand the payment is centralized to avoid issues. After reading some comments, I under their concerns, but we must not always resort to name calling

  8. It is very unfortunate that Npc don't consider the plight of those who participated in this training exercise.

  9. It's quite disappointing that those who participated in the previous training have not collected their entitlement till now considering the situation of the country as at the period of training. No cash, no fuel,no light yet they endured with the mind to serve their fathers land.
    It's unfair


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