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How do I fix my fingerprint recognition on my Android?

How to solved your fingerprint security Method in Your android Smartphone

Please follow the instructions below to check for fingerprint recognition issues;

Fingerprint recognition can be affected by a number of conditions. Try each of the following to see if your device is having trouble recognizing your fingerprint.

1. Are you using a different finger? Make sure that you use the same finger that you used to set up the lock.

2. Is your fingerprint sensor damaged? Check that the sensor isn't scratched or damaged.

3. Are you using a screen protector? unofficial scratched or dirty screen protectors may cause the fingerprint sensor to malfunction. Try removing or cleaning the screen protector.

4. Are your fingers dry or damp? Fingers that are too wet or too dry may not be recognized. Let your fingers dry if they are wet or use a moisturizer if they are too dry.

5. Are your fingertips bent? The fingerprint sensor works best when covered by your entire fingerprint.

6. Are your fingertips scarred? Scar tissue and wrinkles can change your fingerprint. You may have to remove and then register your fingerprint again.

Remove your fingerprint and add again:

If your fingerprint still isn't being recognized, you can try removing and then registering your fingerprint again.

1. Open the Settings app

2 Tap Biometrics and Security

3 Tap Fingerprints

4. Enter your PIN, pattern, or password

5. Tap the registered fingerprint

6. Tap Remove

7. Tap Remove again to confirm

8. Tap Add fingerprint

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your fingerprint again

Follow the steps below to run a fingerprint test on the Phone:

Please press and hold the power and volume down buttons for about 10 seconds to perform a soft reset.

The device may take a screenshot, however, keep holding until the Phone reboot.

1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.

2. Select Sensor

3. Scroll down

4. Under Fingerprint test, Select Normal scan.

The scan should display pass in all the tests.

When it displays fail then should be an issue with the fingerprint.

Kindly clear the cache partition.

It removes any temporary files that may be causing an issue with the device. All personal files and settings are not affected by this option.

1. Turn off your device

2. Press and hold the volume up button and power button and the home button at the same time.

3. When the Android logo appears on the screen, release all three keys

4. Press the volume down button to select wipe cache partition

5. Press the power button

6. Press the volume down button to select yes

7. Press the power button again

8. Your cache will now be wiped. Once finished, Reboot system now will be selected

9. Press the power button to restart your device

If the issue still persists, kindly make sure to backup your data and perform a master reset.

On your phone, please do the following:

1. From the home screen, swipe either up or down to access apps.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Accounts and Backup

4. Tap on Backup and Restore

5. Select Backup data

6. Select the preferred data you wish to backup and follow the prompt.

To master reset:

1. Settings

2. General Management

3. Reset

4. Factory reset.

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