Lovely transformation photos of Kaosarat and her family with unique blue eyes

Just recently, a little girl with unique blue eyes got people on social media marvelling after their photos went viral

It was reported that the young girl and her mother were abandoned by their father because of the colour of their eyes

New transformation photos of the girl with her family have now made the rounds on social media

Social media has been very instrumental in changing the lives of people after their interesting stories or lifestyles become public knowledge. Just recently, a young girl and her mother went viral after photographs of them made the rounds on social media. There is nothing special about the photos of a mother with her daughter but this particular family possessed unique features. had gathered the report of a young girl whose father abandoned them because of the colour of their eyes. The girl identified as Kaosarat and her mother Risiqot had unique blue eyes that were strange for a pure African to possess.

After their photos went viral, a popular photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, got in touch with them to capture their beautiful features. New photos of Risiqot, Kaosarat and her younger sister, Hassanat, were posted and social media users could not help but gush over them.

The photographer revealed that the mother and her children were sent away by her husband because of their eyes. Risiqot also revealed to the photographer that Hassanat had a twin brother who had brown eyes, but he passed on.

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Risiqot said ,” she wouldn’t accept to change her eyes from blue to brown if a technology is/was invented. Beautiful Risiqot and a adorable children Kaosarat and Hassanat were sent away by her husband because of her blue eyes. During the interview we realized that she gave birth to a set of twins , Hassanat (2years old ) and her late twin brother who happened to have a brown eyes . She couldn’t speaker further but it’s has left us wondering. Could it be that her husband was heart broken to the news of his late son who also happened to have brown eyes ? The documentary video will be dropping very soon . I want to say a big thank you to every one who tagged and shared Risiqot’s story to me . Thank you so much and I felt blessed by you all recognizing me with Risiqots story . #mofebamuyiwa #blueeyes #documentary #portraitjournalism #stories #afticanstories #africanstory #specialpeople #melanin #africa #nigeria #ilorin Let’s all say thank you to @roks_couture for discovering Risiqot and her children @mcshot.anusiem @moh_visuals
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 The young mother was also said to have revealed that she is not willing to change her eyes colour from blue to brown even if the technology was invented for it.

See their transformation photos below: 

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Ocular Albinism Ocular Albinism is a genetic condition /Mutation ,with the lack of pigmentation at the back of the eyes . Melanin is provided by our cells called Melanocytes , which is found in your skin, hair and eyes .several genes provide instructions for the making of proteins involved in the production of melanin . RESEARCH It’s proven that behind every Brown eyes , there is a blue eye. The only difference is the thin layer of the pigment on the surface . If the Pigment is away the the light can enter the stroma and reflects back the blue end of the spectrum It was believed that the light skin arose in Europeans 40,000 years ago , soon after the people left the tropical Africa for higher latitude .as they moved to the colder regions , needed something to synthesize Vitamins D in places where the UV light is lower , and that caused the change in the mutation of the genes . More research on this coming soon . *But as a result of this lack of knowledge RISIQOT was sent out of her husbands house because of her beautiful blue eyes*. Make up by @ritarosebeauty Hair by @trhairsuredbytolu Photography @mofebamuyiwa Assisted by @moh_visuals Cinematographer by @mcshot.anusiem Dress designed @the_maam Back drop by @zenbackdrops Charity given by @myextendedhands and many others #bmbstudio #mofebamuyiwa #portraitjournalism #documentaryphotography #documentaries #stories #family #mumandme #motherandchild #bond #africa #nigeria #melanin #africastories #ilorin #nigeria #nigeriastories #blueyes #albinism #ocularalbinism
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Lovely. had earlier reported on how Risiqot and her daughters were discovered. A young Nigerian lady identified on Facebook as Alabi Rukayat Oyindamola took to the social networking site to recount how she met the young girls who had unique eyes.

According to her, she travelled to her hometown in Ilorin for the Eid celebration when she sighted the siblings. Rukayat said that their names are Kaosara and Hassanat. Hassanat happens to be a twin but her brother passed away due to lack of proper care.


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